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Getting legal help when you need it can be challenging. For many people in Arizona, it isn’t possible to pay legal fees to consult with a lawyer or get help filling out a form. There is good news, though. Arizona court websites provide free legal information and free legal forms that help you navigate a legal matter. Here are the places online where you can find free legal forms in Arizona.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be legal advice. You can contact the Arizona Legal Center today to learn more about your rights in your situation. Note that when you first contact the Arizona Legal Center, a law student (and not a practicing attorney) will handle your intake.

When would you need free legal forms in Arizona?

Many people don’t even think about how much a lawyer might cost until they find themselves in need of assistance. Although everyone has different circumstances, in some more straightforward cases, free Arizona legal documents can help you without the need to hire a lawyer.

Note, however, that it is always recommended you work with an attorney for any legal matter. Attorneys have the experience and technical knowledge to help you through a legal proceeding and can protect your best interests. Still, reading through these free legal forms before a consult can help you better understand what you need to get started and how you need an attorney to help.

The most common legal issues in Arizona deal with family law. Because of this, many free legal forms are available for this area of the law. This typically includes matters related to:

Another common area of law where you might find yourself in need of free legal forms is civil law. This includes cases involve disputes with another person or company, such as renters’ rights and other issues.

Where to find free legal forms in Arizona

We are highlighting the two largest counties below, but no matter where you are in Arizona, you can find your county or local court’s website at https://www.azcourts.gov/AZ-Courts/AZ-Courts-Locator. This will give you more specific information and forms for your county.

Maricopa County

The Maricopa County Law Library Resource Center provides forms and instructions for many types of legal issues, including civil complaints, child support, and probate.

You can access many forms in both English and Spanish.

Family Court forms

Family court forms can help you with many processes related to divorce and child custody, including:

Civil Court forms

Maricopa County has forms and instructions for civil proceedings, such as for filing a civil complaint against another person or company. They also include forms related to garnishment. This is a legal process where one party collects money from another party after a court awards a judgment to a party who must now collect on that judgment.

This can happen in a tenants’ rights case, for example. If a tenant owes a landlord money, the landlord can file a garnishment of the tenant’s wages if a judge orders the tenant to pay.

As with any legal matter, while free forms can be very useful, you should consider at least meeting with an attorney, legal document preparer, or legal aid volunteer before undertaking a civil case on your own.

Other Maricopa County legal forms

Maricopa County provides forms for many other processes, such as:

Make sure to visit the Maricopa County Law Library Resource Center for the full list of forms, instructions, and other resources.

Where You Can Find Free Legal Forms In Arizona | ALC

Pima County

Pima County offers many of the same free Arizona legal forms, also in English and Spanish.

For example, Pima County offers detailed instructions about filing for divorce. They also provide a screening tool to help you determine which forms you need to fill out. When you are ready, you can download each form, such as the Divorce with Children Petition or the Divorce Without Children Petition.

Pima County also offers forms to assist with several civil court proceedings. Make sure to visit the Pima County court website for a full list of forms and resources.

Find free legal aid in Arizona

If filling out Arizona free legal forms on your own is overwhelming, you have other options. Pro bono or reduced-fee legal services may be available for those with financial challenges.

In some cases, what you really need is a document preparation service. This type of service helps those in need to fill out their documents properly and file them. This service is generally more affordable than hiring a lawyer.

At the Arizona Legal Center, knowledgeable volunteer attorneys can answer your questions and direct you toward the help you need. This might include a recommendation for a document preparation service, or it may be a pro bono attorney or an attorney who agrees to take your case for a reduced rate, or it may simply be the advice and guidance you need to complete the forms yourself.

If you need help locating and filling out free legal forms, Arizona Legal Center can help. Contact us today!

Disclaimer: The Arizona Legal Center provides free legal aid and consultations in Arizona only. We provide low-cost access to fee-for-service cases when determined appropriate by an attorney at the Center, but generally do not undertake full-scope representation.