What We Do At The Arizona Legal Center

Do I have a case?

This central question is largely unanswered in the legal community unless and until you reach the inner office in a law firm. When it is available, it is neither quick nor free.

Often, people do not seek legal assistance because they see legal fees as an impenetrable barrier. They may be able to identify that they have a legal problem, but lack the resources or expertise to resolve that problem on their own.

At the Arizona Legal Center, we help make the law accessible for all. 

As long as justice has existed, those in need of legal assistance have struggled to access it and attorneys in practice have juggled to keep abreast of the ever-changing landscape while managing the multiple priorities a law practice demands.

The Arizona Legal Center seeks to remedy both challenges by offering legal assistance to the community and legal support to practicing attorneys.

How We Help At The ALC

The Gary L. Stuart Legal Triage and Referral Program

The Legal Triage Program will assess your case for possible claims, defenses, and remedies, then identify possible resolutions or strategic options and provide appropriate referrals and resources for legal or other assistance in the community to help with matters that are found to be valid and viable. We also coordinate special legal events for the public.

Attorney Support Services

The Arizona Legal Center also serves as a resource for lawyers and law students, those who are new to the practice of law, those looking to change practice areas, and those who are veterans yet desire the opportunity to participate in creative solutions to everyday legal challenges. Find out more about our CLEs, seminars, and conferences by contacting us today.